Want MORE LOVE, joy and peace in your life?!
Who doesn’t, right?
Whether you are single, engaged, married, divorced, going through a breakup or already rocking the love department but looking for more love, this meditation series is for you.

I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over the past 2 decades about love from a psychological, spiritual and practical perspective. Plus I’ll share some really juicy tips I’ve learned and continue to learn about nurturing good love (so it stays good!),  from eighteen incredible years of marriage.

What I know for sure is that the more you give to yourself the more incredible your life can become. So start now, and give yourself the gift of this FREE 21-Day series.
You’ve got nothing to lose. It starts with you.

I know being loving to yourself and others isn’t always easy. You can get stuck ruminating on mistakes you’ve made in the past and painful messages (often from childhood) can create beliefs that there is something wrong with you that needs to be “fixed” for you to be worthy of love. You may also be repeating dysfunctional patterns in love that you learned long ago. I’m here to help you discover the truth! You can learn a new way of being in a relationship that brings you joy and the only part that needs fixing is the idea that you aren’t worthy of wonderful, magical over the moon love.

The More Love Meditation Series will empower you to create exactly that!

During these 21 days we will focus on specific actions you can take to become a magnet for an abundance of love in your life.

BONUS --- By incorporating a meditation practice into your daily life you can feel a reduction in stress, anxiety and a reconnection to your authentic self. All you need is an open heart, your tush and a pillow.  ;)

When I need lightning-fast, spot-on guidance about relationships, I turn to Terri Cole. A true master of human development, Terri cuts right to the issue and gives judgment-free, practical advice I can use immediately. Terri’s generosity and listening skills are unparalleled—AND she has the most soothing voice! Because she is a trained therapist and coach who is steeped in the wellness movement, she brings the best of all worlds to her craft.

—Ophira Edut, The AstroTwins, 
Thank you Terri for guiding me through some really challenging times.  I feel blessed to have new skills to deal with the obstacles that get in the way of me experiencing a whole hearted connection with my partner.  I have found that although we still experience challenges I am certain I can navigate these challenges consciously. It is great to feel that we are actually getting closer and more intimate because of the challenges and being able to handle them with respect and love for each other. You are a true gift. x

—Patricia Moreno, SatiLife, Creator & Founder, www.satilife.com

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You will learn how to incorporate mantras, relaxation techniques, various breath cycles, intention setting and so much more to deepen your sense of self-love and self-celebration. 

I feel blessed and honored to lead you on this journey. Sign up today and spread the word to your friends too. Say YES to a calmer, more inspired, MORE LOVE filled future!!

PLUS as a valuable added bonus, in addition to the daily emails, you’ll be invited to join me on a FREE LIVE webinar where I go deeper into how to identify & remove any Love blocks so you can be lit up with love!

These webinars won't be recorded so I'm offering the same webinar LIVE on two days over a few different times. (You'll be able to pick the day/time that works best for you in a few days.)

Webinar Title:
Now is Not Then: Learn to Release
Blocks from the Past to Attract
More Love Today

Webinar Dates:
Tuesday, October 20th  
Thursday, October 22nd

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